All About Essure Contraceptive Devices

Essure permanent birth control contraceptive devices are connected to a range of negative, life-threatening health dangers. Since it's considered to be so dangerous, Essure was banned from virtually every industry worldwide. But, it's still currently available in the USA.

Since the amount of national negative health events keeps growing, so will the number of suits filed by Essure's maker, Bayer. In case you've suffered an accident on account of your Essure device, you might be qualified to take part in the Essure litigation.

What is Essure?

Essure birth control is a permanent sterilization apparatus manufactured from two small metal coils which are inserted into a female's fallopian tubes. The coils have a substance that stimulates inflammation and discoloration, causing the tubes to shut up and prevent sperm from reaching the female's eggs.

Essure Process

Essure birth control is a sort of sterilization that doesn't expect an incision/cut. It's known as a hysteroscopic sterilization.

Throughout the 10 minute Essure procedure, a healthcare provider inserts a tiny, stiff, tube-like tool called a hysteroscope to the female part and through the cervix. Little metallic coil inserts are placed in the introduction of the fallopian tubes.

All About Essure Contraceptive Devices

Essure Complications

The number of women experiencing essure difficulties continues to rise and their stories become more and more visible thanks to social networking. There are more than 25,000 associates of a closed Facebook Group known as "Essure Issues". E-sisters on Facebook cite similar issues as those reported on the FDA such as:

  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Additionally, girls report a High Number of Essure device problems such as:
  • Apparatus incompatibility (symptoms of incompatibility include migraines, nickel allergies, along with a metallic taste in mouth)
  • Apparatus operating differently than anticipated
  • Device motion
  • Inaccurate positioning of this apparatus

In a single FDA reported instance, a girl without previous medical problems convulsed and abruptly died during the positioning of Essure. Autopsy results demonstrated uterine perforation and blood vessels from the gut.

These complications have been cited in the claims against Essure, however, have never been demonstrated to be related risks of Essure at the moment.


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