Difference between Organic and Non-organic Foods

Organic foods are those foods which are produced by using natural compounds like manure without the introduction of chemicals. While non-organic foods are those that uses chemicals to produce food. There are debates that exist making it difficult to accept which food is actually good for us. These are some of the differences between the two to give you a better idea.

1. Organic:

  • Organic foods are grown with the help of naturally available resources like compost and manure.
  • Weeds require natural techniques to be controlled. The techniques include crop rotation, hand weeding, mulching along with tilling.
  • In order to remove the pests, it uses natural methods via birds, traps and insects.

2. Non-organic:

  • Non-organic foods are grown with the help of chemical fertilizers.
  • Controlling the weeds for producing non-organic foods use chemical herbicides.
  • For getting rid of the pests, synthetic pesticides are used.

Conclusion – Between organic and non-organic foods, there are several advantages to organic foods. First, it helps to maintain the environment in good shape. Organic farming helps to conserve more energy while producing less waste. Thirdly, organic foods contain high amount of nutrients. And lastly, it uses natural compounds like manure which means less harm to animals.

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