Do Diabetes Can Be Cured?

Almost one in 20 people finally have diabetes by age 60. As of 2018 more than 285 million people had diabetes and the number is growing quickly. The question is, can diabetes be cured?

For many with type 2 diabetes that the onset of symptoms can be quite slow, while some others reading this may be suffering from blurred vision, increased infections, slow healing, fatigue, increased appetite and thirst, and irritability.

Besides the long-term dangers of diabetes and high blood pressure, for many, the worst is always feeling tired and the huge weight gain. This can quickly become a downward spiral of worse eating habits, lack of energy to exercise and fight weight gain and naturally mounting stress which does nothing good for blood pressure.

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It clearly isn't long before this affects self-esteem and may cause even further problems.

Do not let diabetes take you down!

Learning How to Live With Diabetes

You are able to let it ruin your life or dampen the quality of your own life or choose to fight back. It doesn't matter why you have it, while it is insulin resistance or not generating enough or whether your grandparents and parents had it and you think it is genetic. You do not have to suffer or let it destroy your life.

There's a great deal you can do to minimize the signs and risks of diabetes and handle it. Yes, this may mean a couple of lifestyle changes however probably ones which you ought to be made to remain in great form and stay looking and feeling your best anyway.

First off, stop smoking. Yes, this may be the very last thing that you need to do at this moment but once you kick against it, in a couple of weeks you may see it as being the best thing you have ever done.

It may be hard getting into it at first but it does get easier. At least begin walking daily. Find an activity you like. Maybe it's golfing, volleyball or even just golf – begin playing weekly. Or perhaps selecting a perfect coach who will motivate you to reach the gym each day is just what you want to inspire one.

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