Do Men Really Want Different Skin Care Than Women?

The reply to this question is a resounding ‘Yes'! Men definitely call for a different skincare regimen and different skin care products compared to that of women. This is because men's skin is extremely different from girls and thus has different needs and requirements. Find the best skin care products for women on sale at betterbeautyhealth.

 Do Men Really Want Different Skin Care Than Women?

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Here are a few of the characteristic features of men's skin:

Men experience less hormonal activity as compared to girls. Thus, they are less likely to develop hyperpigmentation and dark spots on their skin.

Do not Wash your Face with Soap

Soap bars generally contain harsh ingredients with very substantial pH balance. It may be acceptable for your body but because the skin around the face is significantly thinner than that on other body parts, soap bars may strip off its moisture and natural oils.

Use Emollient-based Shaving Cream for Dry Skin

If you've got sensitive skin that's prone to bumps and ingrown hairs, then consider using an emollient-based shaving cream instead of a regular one.

Avoid using Aftershave with SD Alcohol

SD Alcohol isn't a fantastic skin care ingredient. It causes dead skin cells to build upon the skin surface and keeps the hair strands trapped inside the skin. This results in the development of ingrown hair and increased skin sensitivity. Therefore, rather than using an alcohol-based aftershave, consider using a soothing, oil-free moisturizer that soothes the skin after the shaving procedure.

Use Sunscreen Daily

Sunscreens are extremely important to keep your skin protected against the UV radiation from sunlight. Even if you don't spend more time in sunlight, you're still at risk of incidental sun exposure.   

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