How Does Lyocell Period Underwear Work?

All women that have to deal with periods for years of their life, know how sanitary napkins work. They know how tampons work or menstrual cups. They know how panty liners work. All of these products work to keep you from bleeding onto your clothes. Some of these items you use on heavy flow days and some on lighter flow days. The one item we haven't mentioned above are period panties.

Period panties have been around for a few years or so, but many women still are unaware they exist, much less how they work. If you could wear a new pair of underwear that feel like satin and look pretty to when you are on your period, you would wear them. If those panties absorbed overflow bleeding like a sponge, you would definitely wear them!

On websites like BedSpace, you can find out exactly how fabric made with bamboo can make the best period panties on the market. Not only will they keep your dry and stain free when you wear them, they are so soft and comfortable, you could almost forget you have your period. Helping ladies to avoid embarrassing period accidents are one of the biggest selling points of these products. If you don't own several pairs already, you will want to buy them!

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