Is Clickbank University Really Worth Joining?

There are a lot of detailed and useful reviews of Clickbank University around the internet, so I’m not simply going to write another Clickbank University review here today, instead I’m just going to give a quick overview and attempt to answer the question: is it worth the cost of membership?

Clickbank University was set up in 2013 by two successful affiliate marketers, with the full support of Clickbank – the leading affiliate marketing network that was founded in 1999.  It’s designed to be a complete training resource for those who are new to affiliate marketing and online business and who want to learn about it and start earning money fast.

Clickbank University comes with forum access, support, some basic tools and most importantly two courses – one about affiliate marketing and another about product creation.  They both last about 6-8 weeks, but you can complete them in whatever timeframe you are happy with.

So is CBU worth the money?  Well, it’s a good resource and the fact that it has the backing of Clickbank is impressive.  It’s better value for money and more focused than some alternatives, such as Wealthy Affiliate too.  Overall, Clickbank University is a good resource – but I would only recommend joining it (or anything for that matter) if you can easily afford to.

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