Is Invisible Dog Fencing Worth The Money?

Fencing in a yard for a pet can be an ordeal in more ways that one. What kind of fencing you're going to use is the biggest point and for many dog owners these days, the choice is obvious: invisible fencing. 

The question of whether it's worth the money or not is easy to answer. When compared to the cost of traditional fencing, invisible dog fencing is certainly worth what it costs. It's cheaper by a mile, easier to install, and isn't an eyesore on your property. 

The kits cost anywhere from $300 to $600 or so, but your total cost will depend on how big your yard is. You can also use these kits to make complicated fencing patterns, as well. Check here for a financial breakdown. They work great for keeping your dog out of certain areas on your property. Don't want them close to the garbage cans? Simply run some non-correcting twisted wire from your main loop over to your garbage cans, run single line correcting wire around them and back to the twisted wire. Now, your dogs can't get to the trash cans without going through an uncomfortable shock to get to them. 

You can't really do this with traditional chain link or privacy fencing, unless you put your garbage outside of your main fenced area. With invisible fencing, though, it's easy to create areas within your main fenced area that are off limits to your pooches.

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