The Uses and Applications of Augmented Reality

The Augmented Reality is a technology which allows visualizing virtual components incorporated in the physical surroundings via a technological apparatus, including a 2nd digital reality but without changing concrete physics.

The Augmented Reality has expanded enormously in recent decades due to the flexibility it provides to incorporate effectively in just about any area. The options of the mix, along with the creativity of the programmers, are sparking that each new programs and software of Augmented Reality have been shown.

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Education: The existence of new technology in the education industry is growing along with Augmented Reality is among these.

The integration of movies, sounds or 3D animations functions as a support material for kids, who will appreciate this more successful learning due to this form of content.

On the flip side, the Augmented Reality enables improving the education of qualified employees, like a surgeon, because the surgeon can get additional information regarding the actions he performs while managing a patient.

Tourism: The Augmented Reality lets to enhance the experience of traffic of a town or point of interest throughout the integration of sound or visual content supply information on the place where they are.

Additionally, it allows for the electronic reconstruction of deteriorated historical elements such as buildings or figurines. 

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