Things Not to Forget When Packing for an Island Vacation


You may be done with hotel and flight reservation, but it’s the luggage that matters in the end. Here are a few lists of things one shouldn’t forget to pack while going on an island vacation.

1. Make a List – It may sound boring, but it is essential to make a list of things that you want to carry along. This is a best way to start to differentiate between desirable and realistic things.

2. Add your First Aid Kit – Include your necessary pills and medicines in a small pouch. Medicines for headache, vomiting, high-fever, and stomach upsets must be included.

3. Keep an Eye on your Liquids – Your bottle of water in your handbag shouldn’t exceed more than 100ml. If you still wish to carry a large one, then stuff the bottle inside your main luggage.

4. Use Name Tags – Avoid traveling in incognito way. Therefore, it is essential to use name tags to write your name. This will avoid your luggage from getting lost and save your time.

5. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen – A good sunscreen with SPF15 helps your skin from getting dried and protects from the sun.

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