Tips For Selecting an Accountant

Do you run a company in South Wales? During difficult times picking the proper accountant is more important than ever. If you are looking for more information about business accounting services you may lead here

Tips For Selecting an Accountant

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Consider what credentials the accountant holds. All accountants aren't equal! The end result of this is that anyone can call themselves an accountant!

As such a lot of the companies that call themselves accountants are being conducted by individuals with no professional accountancy qualification.

Consider what experience the accountant has, do they specialize in small companies, medium business etc? Have they obtained experience in managing companies in the same industry as yours?

Can any of you peers recommend a good accountant?

Who will you be dealing with at the company, is it a skilled partner or will you following the first meeting be handling the first year trainee?

How easy is it to contact the accountant? 

Are their offices simple to get to? It's worth considering not just where they are located but also how easy is it to park your vehicle. It's normally better to travel a further 10 minutes and park out the accountant's office than to fight to park and have a long walk with possibly heavy books and documents.

Is your accountant somebody that you believe you will have the ability to construct a great professional relationship with? This is an important point and one which is easily overlooked.

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