Top Places To Explore In Melbourne

Melbourne is an Australian city that falls in Victoria. Melbourne is the second most populated city in the country. It is located at the southeast corner of Australia’s mainland.

The southeastern suburbs of this city is situated at Selwyn fault that bisects Mount Martha and Cranbourne. It extends from Yarra River to Valley. If you talk of Melbourne’s City Centre, then it is nearer to the estuary of Yarra. The eminent bayside beaches and urban area is situated along the shores of Port Philip Bay.

There are almost 30 municipalities with each having fronting suburbs. The main among them are Elwood, Mentone, Albert Park, Frankston, Sandringham and Port Melbourne.

Melbourne is considered to be the leading financial Centre of Australia and even in Asia Pacific region. Melbourne has always been the first place to live over the past few decades. It has ranked high in the field of development, education, finance, healthcare, research, sports, and tourism. Moreover, there are many Melbourne cabs service provider available throughout the city for easy transfers to different locations.

As far as Melbourne airport is concerned, it is considered to be the second busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic. The world’s largest tram network is also functional in Melbourne. You can easily move from airport to your accommodation with Melbourne airport limos transfers service available at reasonable rates.

History of Melbourne and its coalition with British Commonwealth

Settlers from UK and Launceston established this city in 1835. It has been named Melbourne after British Prime Minister, William Lamb. Queen Victoria in 1847 declared Melbourne as a city and in 1851, it became a capital of Victoria.

Australia became a part of a commonwealth in 1901 and Melbourne had added the seat as government. Till 1927, all conferences and meetings were held in Melbourne only which were later shifted to Canberra. The office of governor-general and many other parliament members was in Melbourne till 1930. After this, everything was shifted to Canberra as it was declared the capital of Australia.

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